Conferenza nell'ambito della lezione di Antropologia dell'Immagine Prof.ssa Villari tenuta dalla studiosa inglese Virginia Whiles Serreau

Dove e quando

2021-04-23 | in Teams codice nme983c

Incontro conferenza in inglese con una  studiosa inglese Virginia Whiles Serreau di antropologia dell'immagine che insegna  all' University of the Arts London autrice di un libro sulla miniatura pakistanese contemporanea .

Contemporary artists in Pakistan have, in recent decades, revived and reinvented miniature painting: a traditional artform which had faded under the colonial influence of the British, and is now gaining ground as a medium for a new generation of artists to challenge the world around them. At once traditional and postmodern, the miniature paintings reveal a satirical treatment of serious issues: from religious and political fundamentalism to 'McDonalization', from violence against women to nuclear warfare, from the pressures of Purdah to the machismo of Lollywood film posters. This is the first in-depth look at this contemporary art movement which provides a fascinating insight into the links between art and politics, and between indigenous and global aesthetics. grazie


Prof.ssa Elisabetta Villari

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