M.E.T.A. Project

Pietro Trapassi, also known as Metastasio (1698-1782), was for more than fifty years Caesarean Poet at the imperial court in Vienna. Throughout his life, he had an extensive correspondence with the most illustrious musicians, singers, men of letters and diplomats of his time: the epistolary (consisting of more than 2,600 letters, written between 1715 and 1782) offers a privileged observatory on the history and culture of 18th century Europe.
The M.E.T.A. Project ("Metastasio's Epistolary Texts Archive"), headed by the DIRAAS Department with the collaboration of scholars from various Italian and European universities, aims to produce a new edition of Metastasio’s epistolary, upgrading Bruno Brunelli's editon (Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio, edited by Bruno Brunelli, 5 vols, Milan, Mondadori, 1943-54, Lettere, vols. III-V).
The results of this project, currently still in progress, are published both in digital format, within the platform «Pietro Metastasio. L’archivio delle lettere», as well as in print format, within the series «I carteggi di Metastasio. Testi e studi» (Genova University Press – GUP).


Steering committee

Alberto Beniscelli, Gianfranca Lavezzi, Raffaele Mellace, William Spaggiari, Duccio Tongiorgi, Corrado Viola

Scientific committee

Franco Arato, Anna Laura Bellina, Luca Beltrami, Michele Calella, Carlo Caruso, Paola Cosentino, Francesco Cotticelli, Angela Fabris, Fabio Forner, Javier Gutiérrez Carou, Andrea Lanzola, Paologiovanni Maione, Matteo Navone, Rosa Necchi, Gilberto Pizzamiglio, Silvia Tatti, Lucio Tufano

Editorial staff

Luca Beltrami, Andrea Lanzola, Matteo Navone, Giordano Rodda

Last update 1 June 2022